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Door Operation Features Door Close Repeating

(C) Door Operation Features
 Door Close Repeating:
1 If the door lock is still not activated over preset period after door closing, the elevator will re-open the door and close again.
Auto Adjust Door Time:
 2 The door open holding time can be adjusted automatically by the system depends on call registration, opening time is extended when attending hall call registration.
Door Re-open by Local Call:
 3 If the elevator stops at certain floor, when the system receives same travel direction hall, the door will reopen.
Door Open in Door Zone:
 4 During auto mode, in any situation provided the elevator is in door can be opened by pressing (Open) button in COP to avoid man trapped.
“HOLD” Button Extended Open:
 5 An additional push button should be installed on COP with labeling “HOLD”, by pressing this button the door open holding time will be extended with a preset period. The opening can be over-written by pressing “Close” button. This feature is useful for loading and unloading of good, luggage, etc. Advance Door Opening 6 When the elevator is approaching to the designated floor, the elevator doors will be opened in advance in door zone (100 mm before the level), hence, it will shorten the waiting time and travelling time of the passenger.

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