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Type of Display Dot Matrix Floor Display

(D) Type of Display
Dot Matrix Floor Display:
 1 A Dot matrix display is used for displaying lift position in car and hall, which makes display more lively and attractive. The floor numbers switch over and direction arrows are displayed in scrolling from during lift running. There are vertical type and horizontal type available for choice.
 Setup of display character:
 2 Through the keyboard or hand held console, the character for indicating floor number can be set freely at any time as desired by owner.
 LCD Floor Display:
 3 A monochrome LCD display is used for display graphical representation of lift position, direction arrows, date and time and preset messages (special request). Full Color
 LCD Floor Display:
 4 16-color STN LCD lift position indicator system is s high end, sophisticated display system designed to display lift position cum preset messages i high resolution color graphics.
 MRA : Machine Room Above elevator
 MRL : Machine Room less elevator “- -” : Not applicably “STD” : Standard feature and function “OPT” : Optional feature and function “ * ” : Special optional feature, customer must provide detail information to R&D for customized design.

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